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Discover Valids a Leading Provider of E-mail Verification.

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We Pride ourselves on offering the most Accurate Email verification in the market. We ease the work of marketers by eliminating spam, hard bounces, and fraud emails through our advanced email verifier .

Whether you need to validate dozens of email addresses or millions, our robust email validator checks your data and gives results quickly. Our tool is best suitable for email list brokers, data centers, email marketers, call centers, and lead generation groups, as it provides 100% accurate results across all major email domains and delivers comprehensive results consistently.

Our motto is to provide marketers a secured platform which reduces spam complaints, eliminates hard bounce, increase deliverability and protect against fraud.

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Our Features

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Minimize Bouncing

Intimates invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database.

Domain Validation

Performs advanced domain verification & improves the deliverability and open rates.

Risk Validation

The tool eliminates potentially harmful emails by running several scans through real-time

Catch-all Checker

Tool improves your open rates by identifying domains that are catch-all, that return valid for all emails.

Syntax Verifier

Syntax error verifier automatically intimates emails with bad or invalid syntax.

Email Deduplication

Enriches your data by automatically removing all duplicate email address in your database list.


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      • INR 0 / Month
      • Bulk Verifier
      • Syntax Checker
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      • INR 0 / Month
      • Bulk Verifier
      • Syntax Checker
      • Email Extractor
      • Integrations
    • Enterprise

      Custom Package

      • Custom Integrations
      • Bulk Verifier
      • Syntax Checker
      • Email Extractor
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